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3D modelling
Virtual Worlds
Procedural Generation

Project Details

Martin Lombard
Co-Founder and CTO

At Ylem, our vision is to generate virtual life for virtual worlds. By 2024, the gaming and metaverse industries will be worth $1.2 trillion combined. However, currently, they are static and limited. This is caused by a need for high-quality 3D assets to populate them and a lack of 3D artists to create them fast enough.

We are working on the automatic procedural generation of evolutive 3D assets for designers to populate virtual reality spaces and experiences.

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Role and Contributions

For a well-rounded experience, my co-founder and I shared responsibilities ranging from leading the team, presenting to stakeholders, communicating with the user base, programming the ‘MVP’ prototype, and developing a business strategy. I enjoyed leading technical tasks; hence I took on the role of CTO. This consisted of being responsible for the early development of our procedural generation prototype to facilitate the creation of 3D creatures. Furthermore, I researched cloud services and blockchain technology in order to define the pipeline for our subsystems to cohesively work together and to discover business model opportunities. Importantly, I organised project management accountability by implementing methodologies for task completion and research tracking in our Notion workspace. Lastly, I lead the creation of our profit and loss statement which forecasted Ylem's financial viability for the upcoming years.

The key objective of Ylem is to provide a holistic procedural solution for our industry. So, in 5 years, what would happen if our company disappeared? Firstly, designers and metaverse developers would be overworked with the demand for assets. Secondly, asset production would become expensive and slower. Finally, without exciting assets that are built to evolve, virtual worlds would be far less engaging.

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