Design Engineering
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3D modelling
Virtual Worlds
Procedural Generation

Project Details

Eve Williamson
Co-Founder and COO

At Ylem, our vision is to generate virtual life for virtual worlds. By 2024, the gaming and metaverse industries will be worth $1.2 trillion combined. However, currently, they are static and limited. This is caused by a need for high-quality 3D assets to populate them and a lack of 3D artists to create them fast enough.

Our solution is the automatic procedural generation of evolutive 3D assets for designers working to populate virtual reality spaces and experiences.

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Role and Contributions

My co-founder and I shared responsibilities ranging from leading the team, presenting to stakeholders, user base interaction, ‘MVP’ development, and business strategy. Overall, I excelled in tasks that required a high level of leadership and operations, comparable to the responsibilities of a CEO/COO role. This involved maintaining a cohesive vision between founders, our users, and stakeholders. Particularly, I was able to pitch technical concepts in a clear and concise manner to stakeholders with non-technical backgrounds, meaning that we could efficiently use our time to gain valuable feedback. Furthermore, I was responsible for our business development. I created our Lean Canvas where I clarified problematic areas, created realistic goals, and provided Ylem with a personal benchmark to measure our progress. Consequently, I was able to ensure that we were hitting our short-term goals and staying on track for our long-term objectives.

The key outcome of Ylem is to provide a holistic procedural solution for our industry. So, in 5 years, what would happen if our company disappeared? Firstly, designers and metaverse developers would be overworked with the demand for assets. Secondly, asset production would become expensive and slower. Finally, without exciting assets that are built to evolve, virtual worlds would be far less engaging.

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