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Ocado Technology

Mechanical Design

Project Details

Jack Beaumont
Fulfilment Automation
Technology Intern (Mechanical)
Retail & E-Commerce

Ocado Technology is a global leader in robotic grocery solutions, revolutionising the online retail sector. Their innovative ‘Hive’ is a testament to their technological prowess, consisting of a stack of storage crates up to 21 crates deep, over which a network of cooperative robots navigate to retrieve customer orders.

As a mechanical design engineer, I contributed to designing machinery that facilitates the interaction between the robotic storage system and human operators working at designated workstations to fulfil customer orders.

Jack Beaumont

Role and Contributions

I worked in the fulfilment automation sector of Ocado Technology, in which we design and maintain machinery designed to fulfil customer orders. Our team focused on maintaining and developing new Pickstations. These stations receive product crates from the storage grid and present them to a human operator who places them in customer order crates, before being sent to the delivery vehicles.

I assisted in developing new sheet metal parts in Solidworks, providing new features or ergonomic enhancements to existing and future Pickstations, or reducing manufacturing costs. This sometimes required collaborative efforts with numerous teams in the U.K. and abroad.

I also helped develop the manufacturing pack for new Pickstations by producing technical drawings, standard operating procedures or critical to quality feature lists. This increased my understanding of the entire manufacturing process, which we rarely learn about in our course. I also experimented with newer methods for communicating technical documentation, such as model-based definition.

My contributions helped propel Ocado’s mission of producing cutting-edge technology and automation to transform the online grocery space, by assisting in the development of new products and providing support to existing issues, improving Ocado Technology's overall industry competitiveness.

Jack Beaumont
Jack Beaumont