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Joshua Lowe
Business Improvement Team
Design Engineer
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance

Coutts & Co are a bank belonging to the NatWest Group, providing services for Private Banking, Wealth Management and Commercial Banking. Coutts mainly operate within the UK with some international opportunity, working with a variety of clients from large corporations to individual entrepreneurs.

I worked within the Business Improvement Team to understand business processes to help format new solutions, using UI/UX Research and Design. I also led Design Thinking Workshops across the company focused on empathetic thinking.

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Role and Contributions

I worked on several projects however the largest was a Next Generation Lending Application. This required me to use skills such as UI Design, user-journeys, personas, and iterative prototyping. My leadership and organisational planning skills were then used when creating and implementing Design Thinking Workshops across Coutts & Co.

For the Lending Application my responsibility was to create the UI Design. By designing the new application based upon streamlined business processes developed by other members of the team, it allowed for a complete set of designs ready to be implemented and used as a prototype for user-feedback, gathering insights to further validate and adapt the design. It also gives the team good grounding to visually display the work in presentations and forums to senior stakeholders

By leading Design Thinking Workshops, participants were able to take away design techniques such as personas and have a better understanding of empathetic thinking to apply within their roles. This would hopefully enable more efficient working between stakeholders to implement better design throughout the business. Participants were satisfied with the quality of the workshops with an average score of 8.6/10 overall.

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