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Tanya Ahmed
Design and Digital Experience
Junior Product Designer
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance

Coutts Bank is recognised as one of the UK's most prestigious and innovative private banks, it caters to distinguished clientele and is often referred to as 'the Queen's bank.' The bank offers unique services, including personalized wealth management and philanthropic support. I was part of the Digital Design and Experience (DXD) team at Coutts composed of product designers, researchers, and strategists. Given the bank's strong focus on digital services, DXD revolves around interface design for the Coutts app and website.

Tanya Ahmed

Role and Contributions

My role was one of a junior product designer in the design and digital experience team (DXD). Within DXD are different squads, I was specifically assigned to 'Odin Squad,' which focuses on core banking services - this includes everyday functionalities like account access and transactions, directly impacting our clients' app usage. As a designer in Odin squad, it was my responsibility to design/redesign any app screens relating to core banking.

My Design Engineering skills came into play several times during the placement, for instance, journey mapping, concept sketching, and wireframing to craft user-friendly experiences and enhance banking services for clients of the bank. A key aspect of this role was collaborating with different teams such as UX researchers, to gather and synthesise insights from client feedback and implement changes in designs.

Throughout my time at Coutts, my primary contributions centred around designing user journeys and creating app screens on Figma to hand over to developers (this is all done while considering the needs of the clients). These journeys are then ‘handed over’ to developers who implement them in code to appear in the next app release - where clients can directly interact with journeys I have designed.

Tanya Ahmed
Tanya Ahmed